Hello world!

This is Kiri calling…or something like that.

You’re probably wondering what Lightbulb Head is. Me too currently! I’ve recently graduated with a degree in graphic design and Lightbulb Head is the name that I’m working under as a freelance designer. To date this has consisted mostly of design for print (including brochure, flyer and booklet work), but also some logo design and visual design for websites. This is just a start though and I would love to branch out into other media like moving image, illustration and photography. Watch this space!

So why Lightbulb Head? It’s a name I’ve been pondering for a few years now and it felt like the right one for this endeavour. My main philosophy is that light is life – nothing grows without light – nothing can exist without it. Light is good. I want to use design and other media to give a face to this goodness.

You’re reading a blog post rather than looking at a beautifully-designed website because I’ve been focussing on building up my portfolio. Also, I have been busy getting married! However, I plan to get this site up and running in the next few months, so please keep your eye on it if you’re interested in hearing more.

Thanks for your interest – I hope we meet again.

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