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We’ve just returned from a lovely break in Cornwall, where we stayed within a stone’s throw of the sea at a lovely apartment near Coverack. We can really highly recommend the place that we stayed – not only did it have stunning views, but it felt like home from home and was a wonderful place of beauty where we could be creative.

The morning light over the sea was incredible each day (apart from the day it rained) and although we knew we couldn’t capture the scale of the beauty, we had a bash at it one morning. We called the resulting time lapse “Sea Meets Sky” – to be honest we would have loved to have dedicated more time to it, but there are so many exciting things to do and see in that part of Cornwall and we didn’t want to leave the camera all by itself.

However, we did decide to dedicate our day in Marazion to capturing a hungry sea consuming the causeway:

We had a minor creative disagreement as to the composition for the first part of the time lapse (should we focus on the silhouette of St. Michael’s Mount, or people crossing the causeway?), but that doesn’t really matter as after an hour and a half we chose to move to a better location anyway! The tide times really were perfect as it was slowly getting dark just as the sea was lapping over the top of the causeway. We won’t lie – it was absolutely freezing sitting with the camera, but it was also incredibly beautiful.

So was it just a holiday of time lapses? Not really – we did take plenty of photos too – why not check out the album of photos on our Facebook page or the selection of photos in our Flickr account (there are fewer on Flickr!). Whilst you’re there, feel free to follow us or become a fan of our page!

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